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Within each of these categories will find graphic design portfolio examples of the specific type of graphic. Over the past years, we’ve created thousands of graphics for clients and ourselves. And when you hire us, it becomes easier to understand the graphic design styles you need to represent your company.

One of the benefits of using a graphic design agency is the continual branding of your business. The graphic design projects you have implemented will continue to have the same look and feel.

Examples of Our Branding
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We have five examples of our branding:

  • A Nationwide Locksmith
  • A Texas Bingo Hall
  • A Law Firm
  • A Houston Air Duct Cleaning Service
  • Geeks Marketing (us)

Although we did different services for each of these companies, the core branding is always the same.

So what is branding? Branding is the elusive term that is used to describe a business. There are many forms and variations of branding, but in a simplistic description, it is the spirit and essence of the company.

Take, for example, McDonald’s. McDonalds brands everything. When you think of McDonald’s, what do you think of it? Fast food, fun, golden arches, Ronald McDonald, clean, Big Mac…all of these tangibles are woven together to create an intangible ‘feeling’ for a hamburger place. That’s branding. On a graphic design level, everything, everything, let me repeat it, everything the McDonald’s logo on it. A logo is the first step in branding. Go to our page on logos and learn more.

Do the same for your business. Start with graphics that present a visual design of your business. A logo, stationery, a brochure, a website, and continue your branding so that when others see your brand, they know what it represents.

10 Apparel websites in 10 specific. The creatives and the websites are designed by our talent graphic, artists, and web designers.
Bingo Graphics was created for Bingo Halls to have a custom designs specifically targeted to Bingo.
The Explainer Video not only combines graphics, but a great story, to help ‘splain’ the product, service, or company.
We believe very web page should be a landing page: Tell your visitor why they arrived on the page, tell them why they should listen or believe you, and tell them what to do next. Conversion will soar if you follow this simple formula.

Geeks Marketing SpecialtiesInfo | Graphic Design Service | Graphic Designer Geeks

At Geeks Marketing, we practice what we preach. We have developed specialty websites to create passive income for ourselves.

Tee Shirts World is a passive income stream that allows us to own our creativity. We already do amazing graphics, so T-Shirt graphics is a natural fit. Same graphic artists, same web developers, and the same writers.

Bingo Graphics is a bi-product of our graphic skills. In 2016, we did a Bingo website. That led to a few other graphic designs for Bingo Halls, including LED Displays, Logos, and refreshing logos made from clip art, clothing and brand swags, ads, more websites, video, and signage. Whew….Bingo is a fantastic business!

Explainer Videos are the ultimate graphic design. Quick, fast, generally under 1 minute, you can pack a lot of information about your business, product, or service into those 60 seconds. Why do you think videos are so popular?

Landing Page Geeks is a specialty, as we believe, every web page should be a landing page. The objective is to match the visitor search with your content. All landing pages NEED TO DO 3 THINGS.

  • Tell them why they landed on the page (search = content)
  • Tell them what you can do for them (solve their problem)
  • Tell them what to do next. (conversion)

In conclusion, how could you live without graphics? After all, God made the earth in magical graphics and colors. Now, we graphic artists and designers try to copy the magic that surrounds us. Lucky us!

Over the years, Geeks Marketing has developed our own businesses based on vertical market requirements.
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